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Boise French Oak Chips (DC 210) 22lb

Perfectly calibrated and blended, each product in the Boise chips range has its own signature.

They are designed to finely tune the structure and roundness of your wines.

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Toasted Notes

Product description

The Double Chauffe product line consists of a spectrum of toasted woods. A special water process is employed to eliminate tannin while preserving aromatic characteristics derived from toasting. Double Chauffe 210 is toasted to a precise level tailored for specific results.
Effect on roundness

The natural polysaccharides of the wood are less abundant than in Bois Frais but contribute nevertheless to sweetness and harmonization.

The structure of the wine is less modified in comparison to Simple Chauffe; above all, Double Chauffe 210 brings roundness.
Characteristic aromas and flavors

In fruit-forward wines, aromatic expression is enriched by notes derived from toasting.

These tend towards roasted and smoky notes.
Effects on structural mouthfeel

Since wood tannins have been removed from Double Chauffe products, the tannic structure of the wine is less affected.

This opens up many interesting possibilities to embellish and adjust reds which have already been structured or in white wines during elevage.
Winemaking applications

  • Adjustment of aromatic profile toward coffee/roasted notes
  • Augmentation of sweetness and roundness
Timing and rates of use

Depending on the desired objective :
  • Between alcoholic and malolactic fermentations or during post-malolactic elevage.
  • According to the characteristics of the wine or must, doses vary from 0.25 g/l to 2 g/l.
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