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Chardonnay (Lanza Vineyards) Block 1 Scarlett Ranch (5.25 Gallon Frozen Juice) Another carefully selected option in Musto's Year Round Must Program
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Chardonnay, Suisun Valley (Lanza Vineyards)

Brix  23.8  pH  --  TA  -- g/L

Perhaps nothing demonstrates the diverse micro climates to be found in Suisun Valley better than Chardonnay.   The Chardonnays that are produced out of Suisun Valley will vary from full bodied versions that balance pineapple, pear, and lemon grass with light oak and vanilla bean to lighter and crisper versions that boast the same wonderful flavors.

This particular Chardonnay juice offering comes from Lanza Vineyard's Block 1 and is from one the cooler growing locations in the Valley. If Chardonnay is a must in your wine cellar, then so too should this Block 1 Chardonnay be part of your winemaking efforts.

Grape Juice - Unpasteurized

Net Contents: 5.25 U.S. Gallons / 19.9L

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