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Pinotage from the Breede River Valley

Packaging: 20 lb cases, 90 cases to a pallet


Region: Breede River Valley


The Breede River Valley is part of the Western Cape in South Africa. It is positioned at a low altitude and the region consists, of a hot but dry climate. It is the largest wine producing region in the Western Cape. The Breede River Valley offers a gorgeous scenery of wildlife, mineral hot springs, and views from the cliffs of Du Toit Kloof Mountains. Pinotage is the Cape's signature grape. 



The Pinotage Grape was created in 1925. It is a cross between two vinifera grapes, Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Abaraham Izak Perold created the grape to bring out the brilliant robust flavors that both Pinot Noir and Cinsault 
possessed, while making the grape easy to grow. Now Pinotage is known to produce smoky, earthy flavors with hints of tropical fruits. Pinotage sourced from the Breedde River Valley produce wines that consist of cedar, plums, and dark berry notes. The wine then rounds out with a smooth, tannic structure. Enjoy these wines with a hearty stew or red meat. 


M&M is looking forward to bringing you some of South Africa's finest wine grapes! We can't wait hear about and taste the magnificent wines you will create with these grapes!


See Growing Area: South Africa > Breede River Valley

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