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Vintners Harvest Fruit Bases

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Vintner’s Harvest Pure Fruit Wine Bases use only premium quality pure fruit, packed in it’s own juice, with no artificial preservatives.
Prepared especially for wine makers.

VINTNER’S HARVEST offers the home wine maker year round supply of premium quality fruit.

Vintner’s Harvest range of products are the finest on the market for crafting your own fruit wines. With easy to follow instructions and recipes for varied volumes, you will soon discover the joys of making high quality fruit wines in the comfort of your home. If you currently make beer, you will find much of the equipment is interchangeable and making wine is just as simple as making beer.

Variety Notes
A concentrate of choice Pacific Northwest varieties balanced to maximize flavor, aroma and tartness. Also ideal for Cider making.
Patterson variety, grown in California, known for full flavor and aroma.
Black Currant
A concentrate of blended currant juices for award winning wines.
Evergreen, the most common variety grown in the Pacific Northwest.
Elliot variety, a high bush berry, sweet with a hint of tartness, grown in Oregon.
A large, long "blackberry" with few seeds and robust raspberry like flavor.
Lambert variety cherry which has a black, crisp fruit with superb flavor.
Dark red fruit with characteristic tartness, grown in Washington state.
A concentrate from the full flavored bluish purple berry that produces a superior wine.
Oregon grown, pale green fruit with superior flavor.
Oregon grown, this highly nutritional fruit makes a popular, refreshing, crisp wine. Often used in fruit wine blends by wine kit producers.
A tangy, purplish-red cross between wild blackberry and red raspberry, grown in Oregon.
A late variety fruit with outstanding flavor, grown in Oregon and California orchards.
Perfect for wine or cider, this adjusted concentrate is a blend of the best varieties.
Italian variety, large delicious black-purple fruit with yellow-green flesh, from Oregon.
An Oregon grown gem, bright red, medium sized berry with the familiar flavor.
This common wine base makes a fresh tasting, tart wine which is typically sweetened.
A mix of varieties selected for their superior flavor and sweet tart balance. Oregon strawberries ae smaller but more flavorful than those grown elsewhere.

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