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Are you considering buying a gift? Let us help...

M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC has gifts for those starting out in winemaking, those who are experienced winemakers, or those who simply love wine or have a special winemaker in their lives.

So, what sort of person are you buying for?

Is this person interested in making wine for the first time or relatively new to winemaking?

Those interested in making wine may want to start out with some of the following:

A Winemaking Equipment Kit

Winemaking Equipment kits come with many of the basic and reusable items that are essential for making a basic batch of wine.  Kits can be purchased pre-packaged or work with an M&M sales rep to enhance the kit items.

A Winemaking Ingredient Kit

Winemaking Ingredient Kits exist for every budget and contain the ingredients needed to ferment and finish wine for bottling and enjoyment.  There are kits available for all tastes.

Basic Lab/Analysis Equipment

While there are many equipment type items that can be purchased for winemaking few are as essential to making consistently good wine as are these items...

A Hydrometer
An Acid Tiration Kit (we recommend our own Pro Acid Kit!)
A pH meter

A Book on Winemaking

A Winemaker Led Class At M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC at our Hartford, CT location.

Perhaps the person you are buying for falls into the "Experienced Winemaker" category?

An experienced winemaker may have been making wine for a period of time and should now have the basic equipment and supplies.  This sort of winemaker is generally looking for items to expand his or her cellar or for items that offer greater efficiency.  To the observer, an experience winemaker might also be one who consistently produces wines that beg you to have another glass.

If your winemaker is an "Experienced Winemaker" he or she may already have those items mentioned for the those who might just be getting started in winemaking. For those who do, you may want to consider some of the following items, big and small.

A New Wine Barrel
A Stainless Steel Variable Capacity Tank
A Chemical Analysis Meter
Wine Bottles

OR...Maybe the person you are buying for simply loves wine and/or a special winemaker?

Check out our great selection of Merchandise including cool wine themed products for indoors, outsides, jewelry and apparel.

Gift Cards...The Perfect Gift!

There may be no better gift option than the gift card.  It allows the recipient to apply the value of the card to any item that they wish to purchase and at a time they are ready to do so.  Our gift cards come with a gift card holder and may be used for either online or in-store purchases.  Click here to purchase a gift card in a convenient denomination.

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