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Barbera (IT), Kamil Pasteurized Juice, 11L

Kamil Juice, 11L, Barbera (Italy)

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Kamil Juices Premium Euro Juices
Kamil Premium European Juices Instructions
Varietal Information

Kamil Juices are 100% pure, flash pasteurized juices direct from the countries of origin. They are hermetically sealed and shipped over seas in 11.4L (2.5gal) food grade plastic canisters that are approx. 12kg (26.4lbs) in weight and can be stored any where from 0°C to 18°C (32°F to 65°F), with little risk of fermentation. That means that KJ juices are available 365 days of the year. Each canister is labeled with all pertinent information.

The 100 % pure fresh vinifera grape juices come straight from Europe. Kamil juices are not concentrated!! In addition Kamil juices are not 'desulphides' . They are not made from highly sulphitated or Sterile juices (1200 ppm of sulphur and higher, deadly to the main ingredients in the grape juice). Kamil's method of flash pasteurization and hot pressing (the reds only), allows the juice to produce a professional quality wine that is full bodied, with an enhanced nose and bouquet that no other home winemaking product can achieve. The pure juices contain 2-3% solids depending on the variety. We strive to obtain all of our European pure fresh grape juices from suppliers who practice natural farming techniques. Our customers' favourable response to the quality of this product allows us to offer complete satisfaction.

* This product is juice only and does not come with additive ingredients which must be purchased separately

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