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Education - Wine Evaluation 121 Check back soon for our next class.  In the meantime please follow the Facebook link below to our event page to see a list of upcoming events and FREE mini classes!

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Winemaker Studies

Many people make wine each year.  In its most basic form, the process of converting fruit or fruit juice to an alcoholic product is quite simple.  The craft industry has developed kits and other products that are simple to use, offer step-by-step instructions, and yield very consistent results.  Such products are perfect for getting one's feet wet in the hobby.  Still, arguably there is a difference in making wine versus winemaking.  The former implies a somewhat abstracted methodology of producing wine and the later implying a process by which the winemaker has both a greater understanding and greater control over the process.

We believe that what we describe above is an evolution of sorts, one that occurs over time and one where having a foundation of understanding goes a long way toward becoming an accomplished winemaker.  To that end, we at M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC have developed a series of winemaker led classes that we hold at our Hartford, CT location.  From a General Introductory Course, to Lab Skills, Sensory Analysis, and even a hands-on bootcamp, these courses provide both new and experience winemakers with the foundation necessary to develop rapidly in this wonderful hobby.

To learn more about the classes we offer and the dates we will be offering them, click on the links to the classes in the related products inset to the right.  If you have any questions regarding our classes, want to arrange for a group class, etc., please contact us.

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