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Vintners Harvest Fruit Wine Bases (96oz.) Vintner's Harvest - Assorted Fruit Wine Bases (96 OZ.)
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Vintners Harvest Fruit Base Instructions
Vintners Harvest Fruit Bases

96oz. can of fruit, juice, and/or concentrate.

Apple - A concentrate of choice Pacific Northwest varieties balanced to maximize flavor, aroma and tartness.  Also ideal for Cider making.

Apricot - Patterson variety, grown in California, known for full flavor and aroma.

Black Currant - A concentrate of blended currant juices for award winning wines.

Blackberry - Evergreen, the most common variety grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Blueberry - Elliot variety, a high bush berry, sweet with a hint of tartness, grown in Oregon.

Boysenberry - A large, long "blackberry"with few seeds and robust raspberry like flavor.

Cherry - Lambert variety cherry which has a black, crisp fruit with superb flavor.

Cranberry - Dark red fruit with characteristic tartness, grown in Washington state.

Elderberry - A concentrate from the full flavored bluish purple berry that produces a superior wine.

Gooseberry - Oregon grown, pale green fruit with superior flavor.

Kiwi - Oregon grown, this highly nutritional fruit makes a popular, refreshing, crisp wine.  Often used in fruit wine blends by wine kit producers.

Loganberry - A tangy, purplish-red cross between wild blackberry and red raspberry, grown in Oregon.

Peach - A late variety fruit with outstanding flavor, grown in Oregon and California orchards.

Pear - Perfect for wine or cider, this adjusted concentrate is a blend of the best varieties.

Plum - Italian variety, large delicious black-purple fruit with yellow-green flesh, from Oregon.

Raspberry - An Oregon grown gem, bright red, medium sized berry with the familiar flavor.

Rhubarb - This common wine base makes a fresh tasting, tart wine which is typically sweetened.

Strawberry - A mix of varieties selected for their superior flavor and sweet tart balance.  Oregon strawberries ae smaller but more flavorful than those grown elsewhere.

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