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Grower Representation

Musto Wine Grape Co. is continually searching for quality grape product from different regions of the world and the U.S. We understand in order to provide high quality grape product along with diversification, we need to search out different regions specifically for their growing capabilities for particular varieties.

We at Musto are proud of our close relationships with our growers, and require each of them to meet select criteria in order for us to be willing to represent their product. Once we have sampled product and determine that it has met our standards, a set of standards that reflect our customers’ expectations, we will work closely with the grower to figure out the best approach in moving forward and marketing their product. If you are a wine grape grower and are looking for someone to represent your product both professionally and extensively, we would encourage you to contact us.

Becoming an Musto supplier is only as good as how well your product is received by us at Musto and more importantly the consumer. Though, if we do our jobs well, consumers will surely be pleased. Please contact us today to speak with an account representative.

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